Hendersonville is a North Carolina Main Street Community, designated by the NC Department of Commerce and Main Street & Rural Planning Center. Downtown Hendersonville is charged with administering the program at the local level and building a public-private partnership to spur economic development in partnership with the state agency.

The City of Hendersonville's Main Street and 7th Avenue Programs are overseen by the Downtown Economic Development Department.  Inheriting and continuing the work of Downtown Hendersonville, Inc. and the Historic 7th Avenue District, the department works as a nonprofit organization. Both the Main Street program and the 7th Avenue program are guided by their respective Downtown Advisory Committees, a group of downtown stakeholders and Friends of Hendersonville’s historic downtown districts who are appointed by City Council to staggered two year terms.

Using the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Four Point Approach, the Downtown Advisory Committee seeks to support and build upon downtown Hendersonville’s strengths.  The Main Street Four Point approach includes Organization, Design, Economic Restructuring and Promotions.  The Advisory Committee and Main Street program are staffed by the City of Hendersonville's Downtown Economic Development Director and Promotions Coordinator. 

Today, the downtown Hendersonville districts are defined by the boundaries of the Main Street municipal service district, which is shown in the image to the right with green highlight. This special tax district funds the varied work of the City and the Downtown Advisory Committee as it relates to supporting a vibrant downtown.


As a Main Street America™ Accredited program, DOWNTOWN HENDERSONVILLE is a recognized leading program among the national network of more than 1,200 neighborhoods and communities who share both a commitment to creating high-quality places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development. All Main Street America™ Accredited programs meet a set of National Accreditation Standards of Performance as outlined by the National Main Street Center.

Vision Statement

Downtown Hendersonville is a national leader in providing the authentic small town urban infrastructure and character needed to support and interweave a vibrant entrepreneurial environment with urban livability.

The Downtown Advisory Committee Mission Statement

The Downtown & Seventh Avenue Advisory Committees exist to identify, preserve and enhance the key factors that contribute to the authentic small town urban character of historic downtown Hendersonville. Organizational projects are identified, assessed and prioritized based on their contribution to and potential to enhance and support a vibrant entrepreneurial environment and the livability of downtown. The committees actively pursue project implementation, whether they be infrastructure improvements, special events, economic incentives, planning initiatives, etc, using the Main Street Four-Point Approach, in concert with the City of Hendersonville, downtown stakeholders and the larger community.

Are you interested in joining one of the Downtown boards? Read more on the positions available and please consider applying. 

The Downtown Main Street Advisory Committee

Michele Sparks - Chair
Stakeholder (Term Expires 8.1.2018)
(828) 693-4545

Lori Dorsey 
Stakeholder (Term Expires 8.1.2018)
(828) 696-1883

Candi Guffey-Vice Chair
Stakeholder (Term Expires 8.1.2019)

Carole Sitzer
Stakeholder (Term Expires 8.1.2018)
(305) 495-0312

Merit Wolff
Stakeholder (Term Expires 8.1.2019)
(828) 595-2236


Jared Ballmund
At-Large (Term Expires 8.1.2019)

Kelly Jones Friesen
At-Large (Term Expires 8.1.2018)

Walt Slagel
At-Large (Term Expires 8.1.2019)

Ron Stephens - Council Liaison
City of Hendersonville
(828) 697-3000

The Downtown 7th Avenue Advisory Committee

Dennis Dunlap - Chair
Stakeholder (Term Expires 4.1.19)
(828) 697-9598

Becky Ayers
Stakeholder (Term Expires 4.1.2019)
(828) 808-4121

Chris Cormier-Vice Chair
Stakeholder (Term Expires 4.1.2019)
(828) 697-7184

John Ryan
Stakeholder (Term Expires 4.1.2019)
(704) 651-2627

Sheryl Fortune 
At-Large (Term Expires 4.1.2019)
(828) 693-1711

Matthew Hickman
At-Large (Term Expires 4.18)
(828) 674-7494

Ron Kauffman
At-Large (Term Expires 4.1.2019)
(828) 696-9799

Anthony McMinn or Tim Jones
(828) 697-1354 (Anthony)
(828) 768-1354 (Tim)

Steve Caraker - Council Liaison
(828) 697-3000

Main Street Program Staff

Lew Holloway
Downtown Economic Development Director
145 5th Avenue East
Hendersonville NC 28792
(828) 233-3216

Dalleen Jackson
Special Events & Promotions Coordinator
145 5th Avenue East
Hendersonville NC 28792
(828) 233-3205